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Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the breast. When breast cancer is detected early, at a localized stage, the survival rate is 98%.

Early detection includes doing monthly breast self-exams, and scheduling regular clinical breast exams and mammograms. Breast cancer can be diagnosed through multiple tests, including a mammogram, ultrasound, MRI and biopsy. Once a person is determined to have a malignant tumor or the diagnosis of breast cancer, the healthcare team will determine breast cancer staging to communicate how far the disease has progressed. Types of breast cancer include ductal carcinoma in situ, invasive ductal carcinoma, inflammatory breast cancer, and metastatic breast cancer. ( It’s breast cancer awareness month!

This year it’s a little more personal for me.

You know how you have that one cool aunt you can talk to about anything?! You know, the real pretty one who doesn’t lecture you about dating but instead gives you make-up tips, and trusts that the young lady she raised will be responsible? That’s “TeeTee” (smiling). A few months back, my TeeTee (auntie) found a lump in her breast while in the shower. After going to the doctor, they discovered the lump was cancerous. I was devastated. I couldn’t believe it! I remember thinking: Cancer isn’t supposed to happen to HER! She’s too young and too pretty to have such a gruesome disease!  As time progressed I watched as her body went through the changes Cancer enabled;I remember when my family sent me pictures of her with her hair all gone.

It was time for me to head to a venue for a performance and I wouldn’t move from my bed from crying. It was not supposed to be like this! It hurt me to my core to see her anyway other than the TeeTee I knew, and to imagine how much pain she was in. Right then, my best friend Trish gave me a reality check: “It’s just a hairstyle change lex!!! She’s still alive!!! You should be happy!!”

Then it hit me.

I was acting as if I was counting her out before God could even begin the miracle! Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity to work miracles! Sometimes we don’t understand why certain situations happen, but perhaps It’s in God’s plan to allow you to go through, to prove He can bring you out?!

Today, because of self examination, and early detection, a successful surgery, and much prayer, the cancer is gone from TeeTee: Cara J. Dean! And we are believing God that she will remain Cancer free!!! Women, let’s keep updated on breast cancer. Although it’s rare, it is also possible for men to get breast cancer.

October is designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. NBCAM is dedicated to raising awareness and educating individuals about breast cancer throughout the year.  My CD “L.O.L.” (Living Out Loud) is a declaration to live. The eighth track features a song called “Live Right Now”. The entire song encourages listeners to “Live”; despite what’s happened in the past, despite situations we can’t fix, despite  heartache, headache, illness, cancer; it’s time for us to LIVE… Totally aware.

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