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It’s really hard to sleep on Christmas Eve if you’re a kid. Remember all the years you stayed up, unable to sleep? Here’s how to help your kids get to sleep before the big day.

1. When they wake up on Christmas Eve, don’t make the day any different than normal. Go through the same processes you normally do.

2.Set a time that they will be able to see their presents the next day, so they don’t hop out of bed at five in the morning. Six- thirty to eight is a good timeframe.

3. Have them take a warm shower or bath before it’s bedtime. This will help them relax.

4. Keep them occupied before they go to bed. Read them a story or do some other quiet activity. It doesn’t have to be Christmas- related.

5. Give them a little milk before they go to bed. It’ll make them a little bit sleepier.

6. Send them to bed a little early. Most kids are going to stay up for a while even if they’re really relaxed.

7.If they get out of bed after bedtime, bring them back to their bed. Give them suggestions of something to think about. Try not to make it Christmas- related, that’ll keep them up. Hopefully, thinking about, say, being Superman or having a unicorn will keep them preoccupied until they sleep.

8. When they finally wake up, let them see the presents based on when they’re awake. Let them come down at the time you’ve already set. Thank them if they stayed in bed for a while. It’ll give them positive reinforcement for the next year.

Enjoy your Christmas, and have fun!