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Atlanta, GA — On Thursday, June 15, 2010, Imago Dei Music Group recording artist and famed worship leader Darwin Hobbs was taken to the hospital by his wife, Traci Hobbs, where he was diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs and admitted to an Atlanta hospital.

“While traveling to the airport for a performance in the mid-west with his close friend Yolanda Adams, he became really short of breath…something just didn’t seem right and I decided that we had better get this checked before we go any further,” said Traci Hobbs. 


It was this insight that may very well have saved Darwin’s life.  Darwin recently underwent a very popular weight-loss procedure called gastric lap banding. Although the surgery itself was extremely successful-resulting in a 45 pound weight loss in just three months-he has developed complications of pulmonary emboli, a condition more commonly known as “blood clots” in the lungs. Doctors at St. Joseph Hospital in Dunwoody, Georgia believe that the clots in Darwin’s lungs stemmed from a larger clot that they discovered in his right leg.


Patients who have had surgeries such as gastric lap banding, joint replacement, and others can develop clots if they remains sedentary for long periods of time post surgery. It has not yet been confirmed, but this is believed to be the case for Darwin. Because of severe arthritis in one of his hip joints, Darwin’s level of activity decreased after the surgery.


The current plan of treatment is to execute an aggressive regimen of anticoagulants (blood thinners) while Darwin remains in the hospital. Once the clots have begun to dissolve, Darwin will be released to continue his recovery at home. Doctors are optimistic concerning Darwin’s ability to regain his life’s normal routine of leading worship in churches around the world.


Darwin, has, over the years, shared publicly several life threatening diseases that he contends with, including CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) and Type II Diabetes.

“Traci and I are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support during this very serious and unexpected ordeal,” said Darwin. “We are further grateful for God’s healing power and the fact that His Blood doesn’t clot, but it flows freely to all!”

“Darwin is scheduled to perform his charting hit ‘Champion’, throughout the summer,” said Darwin’s manager Jimmy Maynes. “However, until Darwin has received an official ‘green light’ from Dr. Stephen Frohwein, his cardiologist, and the Atlanta Pulmonary Group at St. Joseph’s, we will suspend all further public appearances and we will look forward to getting back to work once Darwin is able.”

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