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Fans and supporters of GI have waited a long time for the follow up single and video to their 1st hit “Get Up! Well the wait is over! On Thursday January 7th, the official video for their 2nd Single “Temptation” will make it’s world debut via the group’s youtube page, the belle report, and a few other sources!

Their second single “Temptation” will be shipped to radio next week. GI member Lamonte says “This single is by far the favorite off of the album. Fans request the song at our concerts everywhere we go. Everyone can relate to the song because everyone deals with Temptation. It’s a universal struggle.”

In the meantime, GI is getting ready for their Gospel Super Fest Television Taping this Saturday in Ohio, as well as their performances at Stellar Award Festivities the following week. The group has also officially launched it’s Music & Arts School, BGA School of the Arts, which specializes in piano, guitar, drum, violin, vocal, songwriting, and dance instruction. The school is overflowing with students, causing it to raise it’s previous 100 student limit to 200 students.

Visit the school’s website at