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The ladies  of Mary Mary head off to Australia. The first question they gets is about Tina’s marriage. Tina expresses her concerns for Teddy. Teddy affirms  that he is trying to focus on Tina.Teddy tells Tina he only desires her.  Tina questions why she should stay with him. Teddy explains that Tina had every bit of him. Tina confesses she has no trust in him.  Tina is in her room when Kenneth is looking for her. Kenneth confers that the ladies must put their best foot forward. Kenneth leaves.  Erica confesses to Warryn that she is married. Warryn and Erica talk about Tina’s struggles and how it is affecting the group.  Goo Goo and Tina talk about Teddy and the marriage issues. Tina explains to Erica that she feels that his love is missing.  Erica talks the business facts with Tina.  Kenneth booked the dates and expects the ladies to deliver period. Erica  goes to the doctor. The doctor advises that Erica take it slow.  Tina  goes to rehearsal.  Kenneth and Warryn advise Tina to pick up the slack because Erica’s cords are strained. Kenneth explains his concerns. He wants to manage Erica. He does not want to manage Mary Mary. Period. The ladies head off to  their first show Erica and Tina arrange the music so that Erica’s voice is not being strained. The ladies go to the animal sanctuary and enjoy petting animals.  Erica lays it all out there. Tina is not happy that Erica wants to leave Mary Mary. Erica wants her solo career.


Healing is hard word. You have to realize the most difficult task for a person with a broken heart is to stand still and feel the crack. But that is exactly what she must do. Because no shortcut is without its share of obstructions. Here’s a simple fact: You have to grieve in order to move on. But forgiveness requires hope: believing that a better place exists, that the aching emptiness experienced in your every activity won’t be with you forever, that one day you’ll be excited to make coffee in the morning or go to a movie with friends. Hope is believing that the sadness can evaporate, that if you try like hell to move on with your life, your smile won’t always be forced. Therefore in order to forgive and to move past fear, you need to find hope.

Are you holding on to the grief. Tina and Teddy struggled to get through. You have to release the pain. You have to give yourself permission to grieve.

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