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Unlike the typical “seen-it-coming” firings that happen to coaches once the team’s season ends, the exit of Jackson comes with questions and concerns that may never be answered or understood.

Earlier this week he did an interview that shed a little light.The conversation proceeded like this:

“You mention your faith and it’s been floated out there that your faith may have been an issue, may have been part of the problem in the relationships [with ownership.] How do you feel about that?”

I was hired when I was a pastor. I think it’s unfortunate because if it was true, you don’t encourage media to come do a piece on my church, on my ministry, the work on my faith. Don’t do it when it’s convenient and you’re searching for something. I never went around beating people in the head with a Bible,” said Jackson.

Little insight came from the words Jackson tweeted hours after his firing: “Thanks to the Warriors organization for the opportunity u gave me. Thanks to DubNation for all your Support!! Thanks to my Players! I Love U! We accomplished A lot together! I wish u all Nothing but the Best!! God Bless.”

It started out so pretty, when it seemed everyone was on the same page. During last season’s playoffs, it was beautiful when the mikes caught Jackson telling his players during a timeout, “I love you.”But once the contract extension didn’t happen for Jackson, his faith in the owners walked out of the room and left the door open for any and all “evil” to come in and have way.

When Jason Collins came out and Jackson felt one way about homosexuality and the execs felt another, it was reportedly held against Jackson. There were even rumored complaints that Mark’s recitation bible verses was wearing on management’s nerves.

Mark told USA today:

 “I wake up absolutely relieved. Because there’s no more unnamed sources that can affect me. I don’t have to answer the question that others won’t answer. I can speak clearly about who I am and how I conduct myself. It’s unfortunate, because everything that the unnamed sources said – that I was done if I did not get out of the first round, that there was friction, that there was this and there was that – and there was claimed to be no unnamed sources. Well, it’s come out true. The unfortunate thing is I go in an office with an owner and a general manager, just us three, and while in our office it’s tweeted out that I’m in a meeting and I’m about to be fired, that’s not how you conduct business. And if that’s how business relationships are supposed to be done well then they’re 100% right, I did not conduct business the right way if that’s the right way. And that’s unfortunate.

Will Christian values, opinions and beliefs be silenced for sake of political correctness? What do you think?

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