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As a first lady, “Hollywood Exes” star Sheree Fletcher, has a certain reputation to uphold, despite her reality TV association.

“There are some saved folk that don’t think church and show business go together in any way, shape or form. You have to respect people’s opinions, but I refuse to live my life letting other people put me in a box,” she recently told Juicy magazine. “This is something that I feel that I am supposed to be doing.”

As the wife of a minister, Sheree Fletcher could stand in judgment of some of her co-stars and religious counterparts, but she has more of a “to each his own” mentality and that extends to fellow first lady Meagan Good who recently wore a plunging gown that caused some to question her spiritual walk.

“I think the dress was a little low and that wouldn’t be a choice that I would make for me at this stage of the game in my journey, but you live and you learn. It was ironic that the award she was presenting was a gospel category,” said Sheree who described Meagan as “gorgeous” and “beautiful.”

While similar reality shows have been criticized for their depiction of Black women, Sheree said the sisterhood she has with her co-stars helps them keep the disagreements strictly verbal.

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