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If you’re lifting weights on the regular or work a desk job, you most likely have accumulated some form of injury or have some sort of pain (most common are back pain and general muscle soreness). Repetitive movements from weights can leave certain joints and muscles extra tight. By incorporating yoga into your weekly routine, it’ll relieve the tensions built up in these trouble areas and open up your stiff muscles to help you feel less sore. Also, yoga increases your range of motion and flexibility, so it actually enables you to lift heavier weights. For the 9 to 5 workers, hip opening asanas will reverse the effects of sitting in a chair all day and backbends can counteract the results of hunching over a computer keyboard. So take a day out of your regular workout to get on that mat, boys!

4. Yoga is great for stress-relief and overall wellness

Yoga will make you instantly feel more zen. Even if you’re not into meditation (I’m still not a huge fan of it myself), yoga will teach you to find your breath. Being in the moment during your practice will help you clear your mind, be fully aware of yourself and take you away from your stress-filled work day. You will feel grounded and relaxed, and that feeling usually carries you throughout the rest of your day – even your entire week.

Once you start a regular practice, you’ll notice the natural shift of your eating habits and overall well-being. Yeah, you’ll still crave that burger or ice cream once in a while, but you won’t want it all the time and you won’t down the entire tub in one sitting. You’ll be more conscious of your body and know that you’re leading a healthier lifestyle.

Men, stop being scared of giving yoga a try! Tag along with a girlfriend and namaste!


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