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New York, NY– Popular singer, songwriter, producer VaShawn Mitchell to offer new album, UNSTOPPABLE, November 10, 2014. Mitchell’s ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ is more than a labor of love and much more than just a body of music.
While the word unstoppable can mean a number of things, when Mitchell says ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ he means walking out your destiny and living a life’s story that has been authored by a matchless God who knows our beginning and our end. 

“Unstoppable is not about being invincible, it’s really about understanding who you are in Heaven, who you are on this earth,” said Mitchell. “God knows our ending before our beginning and I created the music to tell one big story that I hope empowers people.”
Mitchell has always been known to make music for the church and while there is a marked shift in VaShawn’s sound on UNSTOPPABLE it is definitely music for the modern day church. He has evolved in many ways, bridging together what he’s experienced as a minister of music and worship leader, with the current wave of worship music and contemporary Christian songs. 
The UNSTOPPABLE album offers a universal sound; one that marries contemporary Christian with contemporary Gospel. Immensely rooted in the Word of God, song after song, every message is designed to reinforce the themes of Mitchell’s Unstoppable movement. 
Among the highlights is the well crafted current single “God My God,” which is right in Mitchell’s wheelhouse. It’s an expressive, stirring worship track that brings the listener right into the presence of God. The song offers a wonderfully deep understanding of the power of God’s name alone. The title track “Unstoppable,” is the literal basis for the movement and lyrically encapsulates the concept over a soulful guitar groove. And the centerpiece is certainly the upbeat, singable “Holding On,” a joyful and lively complement to the body of work and is perfectly suited for any church on any Sunday morning.
Peppered throughout this thoughtful, purpose driven and solid album are guest artists that include Tasha Cobbs, Jonathan McReynolds, Adriann Lewis-Freeman and Anthony J. Brown. 
“All the songs speak to my 18-year journey,” said VaShawn. “When I say Unstoppable, I’m saying I [You] can be who God says I [you] am. While there are some things that we all go through … experiences, mistakes, failures, successes it’s all a part of the story that makes us who we are in order to walk out our destiny.”