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In 2009, the APA adopted a resolution stating that mental health professionals should avoid telling clients that they can change their sexual orientation. Many question the ethics of treating someone for a condition which is not considered a disorder and posit that reparative therapy risks traumatizing the patient. Therapists also disagree about what constitutes a return to heterosexuality—whether it is celibacy, an absence of homosexual attraction, or something beyond that. Amid these concerns, organizations such as Exodus International have run reparative therapy programs with mixed success.

In recent months Viral star Antoine Dodson, of viral ‘Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife Fame’, announced he was no longer gay.In a recent interview with HipHollywood, he further described his change in sexuality and how at first it was hard for his own self to accept it.

“The person that I’m with … We’ve known each other for six plus years. We were friends in the lifestyle, going to clubs and stuff like that. but the more we started to hang together we just actually started dating. Then we just did it, it just happened. We’ve been together ever since. At the beginning it was like that. But anything, when there’s a change, you always have the memories of the old life.I still hang with my friends. I still have my friends, I see their lifestyle and I’m like ‘oh it’s fun.’ But then I realize I love my familyDodson is referring to his longtime friend and now wife with who he fathered a child. Although recent rumors surfaced Dodson has been seeing men again, he said he is happy with his wife.

Nevertheless, he did admit it was difficult at first accepting he wasn’t gay anymore and that he wasn’t able to live his previous lifestyle.

Charisma Magazine ventured into a controversial topic this month. This month they invited  a former black lesbian  to tell her story. This is what she told them:

I suffered with depression and often struggled with suicidal thoughts. One night I was drinking and was holding my loaded gun, trying to talk myself into pulling the trigger. God saved me that night from taking my life with a phone call. I fully believe I was going to kill myself that night but God’s loving grace and mercy poured out over me.

I had my first consensual sexual experience with a girl at the age of 15. This led me into one unhealthy relationship after another. But sleeping with women was “safe” for me. It was the easy way out considering my fear and hatred toward men. All of those relationships ended the same way; with shame, regret, hurt, unmet expectations, broken promises and emotional pain. Yeah, all that and then some! And to top it all off, I tried to drink it all away. The lie I bought from Satan was that I just hadn’t found the right girl … I just needed to find her. The problem was that there was no right girl. I was absolutely, completely out of the will of God and His divine plan for my life.

One day a girl who I was trying to hook up with invited me to church, and I strongly declined. She continued to ask me … So, I asked her, “If I agree to go with you to church ONE TIME, AND I DO MEAN ONE TIME, will you please stop asking me to go to church with you?”


Read the rest of  her story here.

Interestingly enough, there is an organization called Voice of the Voiceless. It is  a  group that is set up to defend the rights of former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction, and their families.  They have marked the month of October as their Awareness month and have rally in Washington D.C.

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