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Chicago Alderman Walter Burnett Jr. joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to discuss corporate diversity and minority hiring. Burnett is part of a group of alderman who are demanding a more diverse workforce from the financial sector.

Burnett told Martin and the “NewsOne Now” panel that every time firms come to the Chicago City Council he asks them,  “How many Black folks? How many Hispanics? How many women do you have working for you? Because I think it is insulting if you don’t have any working for you.”

Alderman Burnett added, “We have corporations out here in society that won’t do business with people unless they have some diversity, why can’t the city do the same thing?’

Listen to Alderman Burnett, Martin and the “NewsOne Now” panel discuss corporate diversity and minority hiring below. Should municipalities withhold public funds from corporations if they do not have a diverse workforce? Let us know your thoughts.

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