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Three White men (William Kirk Montgomery, Joseph Paul Dominick and Jonathan Kyle Gaskamp) have been sentenced to federal prison for the murder of James Craig Anderson, an unarmed and innocent 47-year-old Black man.

U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves issued the decrees to Montgomery, Dominick and Gaskamp. Montgomery received nineteen and a half years for helping to premeditate the murder, as he gave Deryl Dedmon (already serving a life sentence) the cue to run a pickup truck over Anderson, killing him, after the men brutally beat and robbed Anderson.

The group of White men targeted Anderson as White supremacists. They were searching for Black people to harm on the night of June 26, 2011 and they saw the Anderson in front of a Jackson, Mississippi and immediately attacked him there.

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Montgomery pleaded guilty in 2012 and originally faced five years to life in prison. Dominick and Gaskamp received four years. The men were a part of a larger group of hapless and racist individuals, including two White girls, that decided that June night to find and harass any Black person they pleased. Witnesses claim that one of them had even yelled “White power!” before killing Anderson.

Anderson’s death was absolutely horrific and to solidify justice for the hate crime, protests ensued until arrests were made. In 2012, Hinds County Circuit Judge Jeff Weill denounced the incident, stating towards the criminals, “Whatever excuse you offer, forget that. There is no excuse. The state of Mississippi condemns this despicable crime.”

Mississippi is doing the just thing in not allowing these criminals to walk free. The hate of these people was calculated and if they were not charged, it would’ve been another scary turn of events that racism and such overt racism and violence is excusable in America. We need more results like these when Black people are violently hunted down and killed with racism being the motivator.


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