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*UPDATE* The U.S. Department of Justice is opening an investigation into Freddie Gray’s death. “The Department of Justice has been monitoring the developments in Baltimore, MD, regarding the death of Freddie Gray,” spokeswoman Dena Iverson said in a statement. “Based on preliminary information, the Department of Justice has officially opened this matter and is gathering information to determine whether any prosecutable civil rights violation occurred.”

In the latest incident of cops appearing to lie about their conduct when it comes to the arrests of Black men, Baltimore Police claim that Freddie Gray, who sustained critical spinal injuries while in police custody, was arrested without the use of force.

But Gray‘s lawyers say he actually suffered a spinal injury, fell into a coma and died about a week after a brutal and violent arrest at the hands of the Baltimore police. The arrest was captured on camera, unbeknownst to police, who later filed a report claiming that Gray’s arrest was conducted “without force or incident.”

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“The defendant was arrested without force or incident,” officer Garrett Miller wrote. “During transport to Western District via wagon transport the defendant suffered a medical emergency and was immediately transported to Shock Trauma via medic.”

But apparently, the video that was captured of the incident only shows a portion of the arrest, police say.

How convenient.

So basically, no one knows what happened in that van ride, except that he went into the vehicle in fine condition and came out with a severed spinal cord. Severed! 

“When Mr. Gray was put in that van, he could talk, he was upset, and when he was taken out of that van, he could not talk and he could not breathe,” Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said Monday.

The document was filed in District Court, where Miller wrote that Gray was stopped because he “fled unprovoked upon noticing police presence.”

Police are also claiming Gray had a pocket knife on him at the time of the arrest, but at this point, can we trust the police and their reports?

Six officers involved in the case have reportedly been suspended and police commissioner Anthony Batts and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake have promised investigations.

According to reports, the Baltimore police department and the federal Department of Justice are already engaged in a collaborative review of city officers’ use-of-force practices, a process that began after the Sun reported that the city has paid nearly $6 million in judgments and settlements since 2011 in 102 civil suits alleging police misconduct.

This is just outrageous. Police are showing us that not only is it open season on Black people, but they can repeatedly get away with murder and lying about it. What do you think about what police reports are trying to claim about the Freddie Gray arrest?


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