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I am so excited about the release of my brand new sophomore video for the first single off my forthcoming project  “Dear Diary”, being released on my new label Uncle G Records !!! God has done so much for me!

He’s granted me so much favor!!!

So, for every Stellar Nomination, every #1 Record, for every time He kept my mind, for every time I got sick and He healed, for every time He provided for me and my family, for every time it DIDN’T work as planned but He still made a way, I say God, the glory is YOURS !!!

I wanted to take a personal, yet relatable approach on this video. A lot of people look at ones who are exposed to a big platform as if they have it all together and couldn’t possibly have hardship; but what I’ve learned is that the enemy has no favorite believer! He attempts to steal, kill, and destroy all of us!!! So I’ve gone through challenges in my faith, and in my walk, even after the success that you see, but my moments of situational extremity, were God’s opportunities to prove himself God in my life! I wished to illuminate that in this video! I wished to remind you that you can’t die until destiny is fulfilled over your life! The promises of God are “Yes” and “Amen” !

When He starts blessing, don’t plagiarize and accredit you’re own hard work etc: Give God All The Glory!!

Now watch my new video!

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