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After over a decade of seclusion from South Carolina, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has decided to break their economic boycott of the state, Huffington Post reports.

The group made its announcement on Saturday, 24 hours after the flag was officially removed from South Carolina’s State grounds. Calling it an “emergency resolution,” the group initially implemented the boycott in 2000 because of the flag’s presence.

The NCAA and United Auto Workers also boycotted the state, but the NCAA has since dismissed their boycott.

NAACP President Cornell William Brooks spoke out on the state’s decision to remove the flag, calling it a conscious choice that allows their group to work hand in hand with South Carolina in the future.

“The NAACP applauds the South Carolina legislature for voting to remove the Confederate Battle flag — one of the longest standing symbols of hatred and exclusion — from public spaces and state grounds today,” Brooks said. “This legislative decision affirms the 15 years of collective advocacy of the NAACP on both the national and state level to bring down the flag, in particular our 15 year economic boycott of the state that was joined by the NCAA and UAW.”

Dr. Lonnie Randolph, NAACP South Carolina State Conference President, agreed with Brooks’ statements.

Over the weekend, the state dealt with backlash from Confederate flag defenders. Videos surfaced on social media featuring supporters driving through Black communities with Confederate battle flags hanging from their cars.



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