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A group performs aerial yoga.

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There’s so many ways to work out now that it’s hard to keep up. From classes inspired by Beyoncé to sessions that look more like Cirque De Soleil than a calorie-burning workout, many gyms, fitness studios or any other venues that welcome sweat are offering classes that will essentially trick you into melting your fat away. Sounds like a win, win and you need to figure out how to get yourself involved in some of these classes!

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1. Aerial Yoga

First, do not try this at home. There’s plenty of yoga studios that offer this acrobatic class. This is a total-body workout that combines yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and acrobatics to help decompress the spine, stretch, regenerate and strengthen the muscles and more. It is literally yoga, suspended in the air. And not to worry, the silks can hold up to 1000 pounds. Aerial yoga also helps clear the mind and relieves stress from the outside world. And the biggest perk? This class offers participants to treat themselves by lying in the hammock like a cocoon–it’s the most rewarding part.

2. Vixen Workout

These workouts are available in Miami and New York City. And honey, this workout will have you feeling yourself, a la Beyoncé and Nicki. The class mixes hip hop with cardio, sex appeal with sass and it makes for a whole lot of sweat. The best thing about the class is that it’s women only, so you can shake and sweat all you want without feeling self-conscious. You can burn up to 1,000 calories in this class and with moves that remind you of Ciara, Beyoncé and Janet, you’ll start to feel the vixen inside of you grow. Check out the hashtag #VixenArmy to get a taste!

3. Cycle Karaoke

This class is exclusive to Crunch gym. It’s exactly what it sounds like, spinning and singing karaoke. Many of us have no idea how to breathe when we’re working out and this class will keep your mind off of it while allowing you to sing at the top of your lungs at the same time. And while the singing doesn’t sound pleasant (what karaoke experience is on-key anyway?), the amount of sweat that’s sure to drip down your face will be plenty satisfying. The instructor takes requests, takes the mic and walks around the room with it, urging you to be the star. And not to mention, you’ll be spinning and we all know how tough that is.

4. Seductive Sweat Sessions

There’s pole dancing, strip tease, burlesque, belly dancing and more, there’s so many classes that are all about unleashing your inner Peaches (shoutout to Beyoncé). As a matter of fact, one of Beyoncé’s dancers (and a #TeamBeautiful fave) teaches her own seduction class in New York City and it’s totally worth taking! Learn moves to impress your man, while sweating away those extra calories you consumed.

5. Pon De Flo

There’s something so freeing about dancing. Crunch fitness (and we’re sure many other fitness locations) offers Pon De Flo–a Caribbean reggae dance class that combines popular island movements with cardio classics like high-knee runs, mountain climbers, burpees and more. The entire point of the class, other than sweating, is to let the music take over your body and erase whatever boundaries you’ve learned to place on yourself. It’s one of the most freeing dance classes there is.

What off-the-wall classes have you taken beauties?


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