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I am Clovia “Miss Community” Lawrence a proud graduate of Virginia Union University, one the oldest historically black colleges and universities (HBCU). My life, my faith, mental and social attitude was formed into greatness at VUU. I learned the wisdom of proper protesting with the intent to change laws all while making your voice be heard by lawmakers. I learned the importance of supporting and giving back to our communities with our time and talent or money.

What an honor to stand on the shoulders of great educators who refused to give up on the importance of education for all and not a select few.  And this thought and action rings true with Virginia Unioin University President Dr. Claude G. Perkins and his willingness to fight for the best education for students whether than can afford it or not. Please support Virginia Union University, learn all about us at

It is homecoming weekend so let’s watch some Back on the Yard videos. Shoutin out my fellow unionites in the class of 1987. Let’s go the Fat Boys, Curtis Blow, Run DMC and more

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