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Source: Empire / Fox Broadcasting

I admit it. I watch Empire. I love to tune in.  I think part of me loves the music, but another deeper part of me loves the depth of the show. Most people were very angry about the turn of events last night. Many fans feel the show has jumped the shark.  On the contrary, the show is diving head first into the moral struggle of good versus evil in the spirit realm and how it manifests itself in  the real world.

For those of you who do not know the  pop culture  sensation, the show revolves around music mogul Luscious Lyon, his three sons and ex-wife.

Last night one of the main characters, Andre, Lucious Lyon’s oldest son decided to find salvation and repent for all of his sins and submit to baptism.

The devil reigns over the flesh with the lures of pleasure.

This week’s episode opened up with Andre being welcomed into a den of iniquity. Literally, a hedonistic  all out party arranged by his father greeted him in the main conference room. Andre’s look was priceless. He didn’t want to reject  his father, but he didn’t want to participate in the show.  This is the battle all of deal with everyday at work, at home and in our lives. People are drinking, drugging and having wanton sex and we know the cost of damnation. Andre’s soul is in peril and he is ready to change his ways and his father’s actions confirmed it.

Evil despises light in any form and rejects it.

Later on in the episode,  Andre delivers the news that he is being baptized and wants  to make  amends with his father. He confesses to his father his infractions against him. Luscious shrugs off his son’s confession and informs him that he can believe whatever he wants just not in his presence or on company grounds. Most of us this deal with this in some form. It may be a client’s product which you find ethically repulsive. It may be a philosophy of a team member  that you reject. Your positive personal beliefs may be scorned, laughed at and negated.

Standing up against fleshly temptations matters.

A new character was introduced last night who was the beauty of virtue. Laura was modestly clothed and reserved. Hakeem’s discovery that Laura  rejects his physical advances leaves hi stunned. The viewer saw  the ugliness of sin through her eyes. She was repulsed by it.  She removed herself from the scene and let Hakeem know how offended she was. Hakeem finally came to his senses and restored his relationship with her. How many times are we seduced in the physical?  The scene showed us in a vivid way, how ugly  sex that is misused repulses the moral.

Redemption and claiming faith is not easy.

Andre chose to be baptized and invited his father. Luscious showed up, but was repulsed by the scene as it forced him to recall ugly memories. This is a classic case of  evil co-opting a good experience and tainting it. Luscious could not see the beauty of his son’s redemption because it was ruined by the memory of abuse.  He is one of the-nonbelievers in our spaces who can drag spiritual baggage into your presence. Many who  are dragging spiritual baggage are left in bondage. Luscious is left chained.

The writers chose to dive deeply into the theological realm of walking demons. You saw  the spirit of sensuality, seduction, selfishness and arrogance all make an appearance. Romans 12:21 Paul tells us to defeat evil with good.  It is the fulfilling of  ‘You reap that which you sow.’

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