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Do you remember giving birth to your son or daughter? I will never forget the day that God bless us with Lil Miss Kenya Sarai. She was born healthy and only weighed six pounds and measured at 18 inches long. The labor and delivery were good but I will say that I am one and done.

Mothers often times remind their children about the difficulty of labor and giving birth. I weighed seven pounds and my sister weighed eight pounds at birth. We were the average birth weight. But to mom, it was rough. However, she made it through and loves her children.

At least one Martinsville mother has all of Virginia beat when it comes to the labor and challenges of giving birth. Sydney Penn gave birth last week to the biggest baby ever delivered at the Greensboro, North Carolina Women’s Hospital. Baby girl, Christa Marlynn Penn weighed in at 12 pounds, 15 ounces. Baby Christa also measured 23.5 inches long. The doctor says it is the biggest baby she has ever delivered. WDBJ reports that mother Sydney and daughter Christa are both in good health and back home in Martinsville.



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