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Sheilah Belle

Source: Ervin Clark / Sheilah Belle

Ladies, there is nothing like true love when that right man finds you!

When that man finds you and takes you to church for the first time.

When he HOLDS You and even holds your hand in public, when he pulls you in close, when He comes in for that slow kiss and knows how to follow through.

When he gives you that personal massage, when he looks out for you and dares anyone to disrespect you.

When he makes sure you are happy and comfortable at home, takes out the trash, washes your car.

When he touches your hair, kisses you on your forehead, and will even walk your dog and give him water.

THERE is nothing like a man who loves you, who you can have an intelligent conversation with and can share some sure knowledge.

There is nothing like a man who loves his mother, but respects you as the lady in his life…possibly even as his wife.

There is nothing like an honest, loyal and committed man who you know won’t cheat on you or dodges questions about commitment.

There is nothing like a man who looks out for his family, their health and their finances.

There is nothing like a man who can take care of you when you are sick, or gets help when he’s not sure what to do!

AND there is nothing like a man who lets you know and tells you that he loves you and only you and is there for you unquestionably!

Take your time ladies and let him FIND you…and when he does, be prayerful, take a chance and give him a chance.

Prepare yourself now. Become the best possible you, you can be.

STOP sleeping around and even cracking the Cookie Jar for men who only want a sample!

Your value as who you are, is GREATER than that. God created you!

Honor who God made you to be and respect that.

A N D Know that …God loves you and so do I !

START TAKING BETTER CARE OF YOU and watch God work everything else out!