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Gregory King

Source: Dorothy Rowley / Gregory King

The Rev. Gregory King, formerly pastor of Russell Christian Methodist Church in Alexandria, Virginia, has been appointed pastor of Broomfield CME Church of South Richmond, Virginia.

Rev. King,  a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, attended Morehouse College prior to transferring to Drexel University, where he graduated in 1977 with a degree in accounting.

In addition to serving as a security manager for Penn Life Insurance Company, King owned and operated his own security consulting and private detective firm, Gregory King Associates.

King, a former member of the American Society for Industrial Security, International, accepted the call to the ministry in 1981, and upon completion of training was appointed in 1988 as pastor of Metropolitan CME Church in Philadelphia.

He has since pastored other CME congregations in Philadelphia as well as Bunton Memorial CME Church in Washington, D.C.

King currently serves as director of Social Justice and Human Concerns for the New York/Washington Region of the CME church, which spearheads issues that impact communities and the nation.

King is the father of two grown sons, Gregory King Jr. and Sterling King, both of Philadelphia.

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