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A group of African-American clergy have added their voices to the chorus demanding Steve Bannon’s ouster.

Seventeen Black religious leaders from around the country signed an open letter to President-elect Donald Trump urging him to reconsider his appointment of Bannon in order for the country to move forward.

A portion of the letter states:

“The publicly reported information about Mr. Bannon makes reconciliation and unity extremely difficult–“

Rev. Dr. James Perkins, President of the Progressive National Baptist Convention Inc., spoke with Roland Martin during Friday morning’s edition of NewsOne Now about Black clergy’s calls for Trump to drop Bannon.

Perkins said of Trump’s decision to appoint Bannon to his administration, “Birds of a feather flock together and as the American leadership conference what we’re hoping is that Mr. Trump meant what he said, he was going to work to try to be the president of all Americans.

“If that is the case, then we believe as African-Americans that to put an avowed White Nationalist as his chief administrator and adviser is an insult to us as African-Americans.”

Perkins added the selection of Bannon proves President-elect Trump is “totally insensitive to our needs.”

When asked if White Evangelicals have raised their voices in opposition to Trump’s selection of Bannon as Chief Strategist, Perkins said, “I believe that White Evangelicals, as they are pointed out to be, have decided to side with the person who is a philanderer, who is a casino mogul and it flies in the face of all of the values that they espouse.”

As he continued the stern rebuke of the silence of White Evangelicals, Rev. Dr. Perkins said, “We believe that they’re being more White than Christian.”

Watch Roland Martin and Rev. Dr. James Perkins discuss the growing chorus of voices calling for President-elect Trump to rescind his appointment of Steve Bannon in the video clip above.


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