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To Participate or Not

 AUTHOR: Deborah Liverett


There is a grass roots movement…People who are deciding that they are not participating in the recession. As I talk to these people I am hard at work trying to understand what they have in common: 


1)     Step up on Faith – Claudia was offered a job for considerably less than her skills were worth. She feared turning it down. Armed with faith she declared where there is God there is no fear. She declined the job and one hour later she received a call offering her a job with a salary that exceeded her previous income.


2)     Take a risk and embrace change – A young man with a family was laid off. He embraced change by expanding his job search beyond the types of companies where he once worked. A proud man he took risks and asked for the help he needed to get where he wanted to go. He received rejection letters, but he also received two offers for employment.


3)     Belief in an ability to create – A woman, who was also laid off looked at the challenges she had while working. Getting her children to and from school and to after school programs was always an issue. She started a kiddies transportation service for working parents. She created a new business course for her self by satisfying the needs of others.  


Deborah Liverett is a certified life coach and emotional intelligence consultant. Her focus is to educate and inspire people in their personal and professional life.


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