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Young woman enjoying snowfall

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By now we’ve all scoured our favorite grocery store for bread, milk, luncheon meat, chips, cookies — only the essentials. Our gas tanks are at least half-full and our flashlights are locked and loaded with batteries.

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With the roads and our autos camouflaged in white, it is fair to say we are officially “snowed in.” So what’s next?

How do you spend the next few hours indoors without coming down with the dreaded cabin fever?

Don’t worry! Here are a few ways to make the best of your snow day:

1. Clean up. It’s the first of the year and what better way to take on 2017 than with a fresh perspective. Take the time organize your living space. Throw away old items and keep only necessities.

2. Watch TV or a movie. Still, haven’t caught up on that show that everyone is talking about or what about that movie that has been sitting in your streaming queue for the last few months. If you have cable or a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix there is no shortage of entertainment to occupy your time.

3. Read. Grab a book from your own collection or download a current best seller. It’s the perfect time to catch up on what you’ve missed from the world of literature.

4. Work. It doesn’t sound cool or romantic, but in the end, it can be super beneficial. Catch up or work ahead without interruptions from the comfort of your bed!

5. Play in the snow. Just because you’re not hitting the road does not mean you can’t go outside. Head outdoors for a little fun – try making a snowman or snow angel.

6. Listen to music. With new releases coming out every week, it’s nearly impossible to hear it all. Catch up on the latest work from your longtime favorite or discover new artists.

7. Play games. Whether you opt for electronic fair or good ole board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, or Taboo playing a game is a fun way to occupy your time.

8. Cook. If you know your way around the kitchen – and you still have power, this is a perfect time to practice your culinary skills. Try a new recipe or revamp an old favorite.

9. Sleep. Most people don’t get enough rest. Use your day off to catch some z’s.

10. Be creative. If you’re the artistic type this is the perfect opportunity for you to write, paint, draw, compose, or rehearse. Set aside some time to practice your craft.

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