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It’s been three years and the long-suffering residents of Flint, Michigan are still without clean water. The fact that something as essential as drinking water is not available to Flint residents is unfathomable, especially considering that we live in the highly privileged United States. Unfortunately the current news for those living in Flint is even more disheartening, as it was just revealed that they will have to wait another two years for clean water.

In a new report, CNN details the issues that will keep residents of Flint, Michigan without water until 2019. Flint Mayor Karen Weaver corresponded with EPA officials this week, informing them that Flint will not be able to treat its own water for lead and other contaminants for an additional two years, citing a lengthy construction and testing process for a new water treatment plant. This continues the long process of residents being without a daily necessity that many of us take for granted.

Weaver elaborated on the issue, stating “To expedite completion of the project and minimize cost, a design/build project delivery method is proposed,” Weaver wrote. “Based on this approach, an August, 2019, completion date is anticipated for the treatment plant improvements.”

Flint is currently relying on water from Detroit’s Great Lakes Water Authority. Sadly the city’s agreement with Great Lakes Water Authority, which also draws its water from Lake Huron, is set to expire during this summer, according to documents filed with the EPA. We will continue to keep the residents of Flint in our prayers.


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