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On tonight’s episode of Empire, the Lyons are in a panic wondering where baby Bella is. CPS took her away last week, so this week the Lyons have a theory on who is responsible for this—the DuBois Family. They confront the DuBoises and demand to know where Bella is. After much heated back and forth, Diana DuBois makes it clear that they don’t know where the baby is and tells Anika that she’s truly sorry for what happened to her, but we know that Anika is getting a taste of Karma for what she did to Dre and Rhonda. Tuh!

The Lyons still don’t believe it, though.

They then take their business to CPS who tells them that they can’t even find Bella in the system and that she was released to her mother.


The Dubois are powerful enough to make Bella disappear like that, so do we believe that they had nothing to do with it?

In other news, Shyne and Dre link up with Cookie because they want to figure out how to solidify their Vegas plans, which we learn is worth billions. Right now Cookie thinks the emphasis should be on Jamal for “When Cookie Met Lucious.” They’re not feeling that because they’re trying to make moves for Nessa, but later on the investor agrees to Cookie’s plan as long as Lucious is involved, which means they need to get that song they’re working on together.

Andre and Nessa are pissed about Cookie’s movements and confront her, but it gets them nowhere. Actually, it gets Nessa backhanded by Cookie. This is a mess for all parties involved, especially Cookie because she keeps looking out for Lucious and not getting the same in return.


Meanwhile, Hakeem does a livestream accusing the DuBois Family of taking Bella. Diane DuBois doubles down on her claim that they had nothing to do with it, but in the court of public opinion they’re guilty and find themselves caught up in a swarm of angry protesters shouting “Free Bella!”

About finding Bella…

Cookie shows up to a Laundromat where her goons are beating the crap out of Angelo in an attempt to find out where Bella is. Cookie demands to know where Bella is and Angelo keeps telling her that he doesn’t know where she is. Cookie isn’t 100% convinced so she demands that Angelo find out from his mother where Bella is, and leaves her goons to continue beating him down.


Cookie then visits luscious to inform him that she doesn’t think the DuBoises had anything to do with Bella’s disappearance. Then they start talking business. This is when Lucious tells her that Inferno got top billing for Vegas consideration and not When Cookie Met Lucious, but Jamal is good because he did collaborate on that song they’ve been talking about.  Then Giuliana comes and sits beside Lucious to remind Cookie that she’s the new woman in Lucious’ life and she’s also privy to his business moves. All Cookie has to say is, “I did 17 years for you,” and Giuliana replies, “Thank you for your service. I’ll take it from here.”


Cookie gets played again.


The episode concludes with Angela getting his wounds patched up by Mama DuBois. He wants to go to the police, but she tells him that extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. And that’s when the nanny brings out Bella. She plans to raise Bella as her own. Since they took Angelo’s opportunity away, she’s going to take their child.

That’s not even petty, that’s just nuts.

It’s the Hatfields vs. the McCoys, but Empire Style and definitely a lot more gangsta.


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