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ABC's 'The Bachelorette' - Season 13

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A new feud cropped up as two rivals were both sent home on tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette.

We pick up where we left off last week as DeMario caused a stir at the front gate.

Rachel stepped out to meet him, and DeMario said he couldn’t let her go. As he pleaded his case, it was written all over Rachel’s face that she wasn’t here for any of his lies. We’ve all given someone that face.

She had already made up her mind and there was no coming back. She let him speak his peace and promptly dismissed him again.

But DeMario wasn’t the only one going home because it was an elimination night. If the guys wanted to stay, they were going to have to show Rachel something special.

Jonathon appealed to her sense of humor with some props. Meanwhile Alex sparked her intellectual interest by solving a Rubik’s cube during their conversation. Kenny tapped into her sentimental side and shared some more about his relationship with his daughter.

Yet again, she seemed to be connecting with Lucas, and that bugged Blake to no end. And their feud only ramped up before the rose ceremony.

The suspense built up as I waited for some of our faves to get called down to the carpet for their pass to the next round.

Rachel made some good picks. The best decision of all being that she sent both Blake and Lucas packing. But of course the drama was not over. For the next two minutes as viewers had to watch these two clowns argue in the driveway. What. A. Mess.

The next day Rachel took her group date to Ellen, and the talk show host critiqued some of the remaining guys. She wasn’t liking what she saw, but she was a gracious host.

When Ellen introduced the guys, they strolled out looking like a boyband and Ellen turned it into a Magic Mike moment. She sent the shirtless guys out into the audience to dance and collect tips.

Apparently Alex is familiar with the art of twerking, and he popped it for someone’s granny. During a game of Never Have I Ever, he decided that honesty was the best policy because he wanted Rachel to know that he wasn’t hiding anything from her.

Overall everyone seemed to have a great time–well everyone except for Freddy. Rachel seems to be stuck on who he was as a kid, and he wants her to see him as the grown man he is. But it was still super-cute that he had a crush on her in grade school.

Freddy has been waiting to kiss Rachel for 20 years, but their first smooch would prove to be the only one. There were sparks for him, but things fizzled for her when. It was all she needed to know that she wasn’t feeling Fred, so she sent him home. From the date. It was a heartbreaking moment to see him get dismissed, but there can only be one man left standing in the end.


Next, Rachel and Anthony rode horses down Rodeo Drive and shopping. They’re straight up walking into shops on horseback because that’s something you normally do. It seemed like a cool idea at first until one of the horses pooped in a store. We didn’t see the store clerk’s reaction, but we’re sure she was highly upset.


After such Rachel and Anthony decided to do dinner and dancing under the stars.

Rachel brought some of her girls out for the next big group date, which she let them plan. Rachel’s girls decided that mud wrestling would be perfect. The men would literally fight for Rachel’s attention.

As a professional wrestler, Kenny was right at home. None of the guys wanted to take him on, and it took him no time to destroy his opponents. That’s why it was such a huge shock that he lost to Bryce in the final face off.

Even though Eric didn’t win, Rachel was starting to gravitate towards him. However, I’m noticing a pattern: Every time Rachel really seems to like a guy, something goes wrong.


Right about at this time is where things started going left for Eric as a couple of the other guys complained to Rachel about him. Then, during the group date, one of the other guys pegged him as someone who is not on the show for the right reasons.

While Rachel was having private time with each of the men, Eric and Lee got into an argument that carried itself all the way back to the mansion just in time for the end of the episode.

We’ll see how this turns out next week.


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