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ABC's 'The Bachelorette' - Season 13

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Rachel Lindsay was cutting guys left and right tonight on The Bachelorette, and they were some of the hardest ones she’s had to make yet.

ABC couldn’t wait a whole week to resolve the drama from Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette, so the show returned on Tuesday.

Lee started off the show with a fresh lie when Kenny confronted him about claims he made to Rachel. Rachel made the right decision about Lee and she sent him packing less than 5 minutes into the episode. It was probably the most gratifying part of the show to watch.

Kenny was almost in the clear. He was at the helicopter ready to take off with Rachel. But Kenny couldn’t keep his mouth shut and take his momentary W and literally fly off into the sunset with Rachel. No, no! He had to go have some final words with Lee.

He could have just let Lee sit there with his liqour and his L, but he didn’t. It was a move that really annoyed Rachel. It looked like Rachel was ready to send him home, too, for a moment. During the second half of their date, she called him on his actions. The look on her face said she was just about done.

Surprsingly, Rachel opted to give him another chance instead and he headed back to his room to call his daughter and simply enjoy the fact that he’s survived to woo Rachel another day.

Back at the hotel, the guys were getting ready for another rose ceremony and many of them were uncertain about their chances of sticking around. Alex, who is gorgeous pile of man with lots of character, was so nervous he was sweating!

Matt and Adam, who have coasted along in the competition thus far, didn’t believe they’d made an impression on Rachel. Truthfully, they haven’t made much of an impression with the audience either. I had forgotten they were still there–and I had a bit of trouble remembering their names at first.

Josiah, however, was feeling pretty confident about his chances, but the edit was not shaping up well for him. With every rose he didn’t get, he got even more shook. He was convinced that no one in the house thought he was going home.

In typical F*ckboi fashion, he didn’t handle rejection well. At one point, he even implied that something is wrong with Rachel to not pick him. Nevermind the fact that he didn’t really bother getting to know her as an actual person. He was shocked he didn’t get a rose, but I am not.

Eric, who had been concerned about the fact that only one Black man had gotten a 1-on-1 date, finally got his own solo outing with Rachel.

Rachel’s aim, as always, was to get to know more about Eric and see if they could enjoy the city of Copenhagen. The pair went on a private river cruise and sipped cocktails as they chatted about the future and the kind of home life they each want to create. Then they sat at on outdoor pub for more drinks as they chatted with the locals–one of whom thought they were already married. Then they got an eyefull at the public hot tubs.

They made a quick stop by an amusement park called Tivoli for a bit of fun before dinner. The date made Rachel feel young again, and it was a great to keep the party going.

In one of their more serious moments, though, Eric admitted that he hasn’t been great with relationships so far. His mother wasn’t very affectionate or loving, so he didn’t know how to accept it when his past partners tried to give him. He revealed that he feels differently about things with Rachel.

Back at the hotel, Adam and Matt were breaking a sweat about why they hadn’t gotten a solo date. When the next letter from Rachel arrived, they were desperately hoping not to be mentioned among the crop of guys picked for the group date. Both of the guys were somewhat disappointed that the next 1-on-1 went to Will.

For the group date, Rachel had the guys play some Viking Games to fight for her attention, and Kenny came out on top. His victory didn’t come without some cuts and bruises as he duked it out with Adam for the title. Each of the guys wound up needing medical attention after their faceoff.

Although Kenny’s made it through this far, he’s been fighting hard to establish a deeper connection with Rachel. He really wants to see what their relationship could be. On the other hand, being a father is Kenny’s top priority in life.

Rachel clearly cares for Kenny, too, because she made it a point to ask each of the other guys how he was doing during the cocktail party on the group date.

During their alone time, Kenny let Rachel know that although he really likes her, he doesn’t want to bring anyone around his daughter if he’s not in a serious relationship with them. Realizing that hometown dates were just a few weeks away was a major wakeup call for him.

In the interest of being real with Kenny, Rachel said it would be best for Kenny to head home. It’s not because she doesn’t like him, too, but she didn’t believe their relationship was where it needed to be in order for it to progress.

This was probably one of the toughest cuts for Rachel to make, but it was an amicable split. That didn’t make it any easier to watch.

Back at the hotel, Will admitted that he usually dates White women, so Rachel isn’t his usual type. That said, he wants Rachel to fall in love with him because he likes her a lot.

That didn’t really come across when Rachel and Will went on their date. The whole thing seemed like a great outing for friends. They were having a blast exploring Sweden, but the physical connection was not there. Will wasn’t particularly affectionate with Rachel, and she felt as though it was even a stretch for them to hold hands.

To be fair, Will said that he believes he put too much emphasis on the physical in the past, so it seems he may have been trying to take a different approach with Rachel. He wanted to establish a foundation of friendship, but he may have over-corrected. That cost him his spot.

Unfortunately, he was not the last guy to go. At the rose ceremony, Rachel made the completely baffling decision to send Alex home.


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