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STAY WOKE!  Enjoy Living Your Life! Keep your surroundings as positive as you can! Look at your time lines and notice how much of it focuses on Fun Stuff, Good Stuff, Family Stuff, Healthy Stuff and Encouragement!

If you are trying to keep people informed, that’s KEWL (cool), but also OFFER a solution instead of putting people in a JACKED UP Head space and leaving them there.

Consider dealing with your own TRUE TRUTH!

As soon as some one tells YOU the truth about you, you get your feelings hurt!  We are quick to spit but then we sit! DO SOMETHING other than complain!

Racism, Democrats, Republicans, Police, Community Division, Lifestyles, Saying whatever to get a reaction or a like, venting all your business only to have people talk about you…not good, mad at this person and this church and that group of people. Seriously!

Often we want to be invited to sit at the table only to find out we are on the menu!  Bring your own chair and consider sitting at a different table.  Otherwise, slide up there at the head table by the big dog and HANDLE IT!  But remember, some of those you are so badly trying to sit with, don’t like you!  They may respect you, but they probably don’t like you, often because they are either intimidated by you, jealous or are simply trying to block you.  BOTTOM LINE though, who wants to deal with people you are constantly in conflict with on anything positive you are trying to do?

Stuff like this will stress you out, cause you to eat junk food or will depress the heck out of you!

When you drama load gets this heavy, consider restarting your day regardless of what time it is.  Restart again with a prayer, trust God with whatever the problem may be and shake everything off, it’s not worth keeping, if it’s going to steal your joy, peace or sleep at night!

STAY WOKE!  God is Bigger than all of that and them!