What happened to community policing?

A video has surfaced via of two police officer arresting a young boy who looks to be no older than 6-years-old. He’s recorded saying, “No! No!” The individual taking the video is deeply concerned and question the police as to why they are arresting him. The Cleveland police respond, “Because it’s none of your business.”

The bystander says, “Nah, I’m just asking a question because he looks like he’s 6…” and the police cut him off and point to the man and says, “You’re trespassing.”

A woman is heard off camera explaining that the small boy was trying to fight the police.

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The police get more and more agitated as the bystander questions where the child’s guardian is. The police begin to drag the boy out as the bystander asks for the mother’s number.

Apparently, the boy was cursing people out and calling the police “racist” and “motherf*cker.” The security guard says, “Their trying to get in touch with his mother.” The bystander responds that’s not the way you treat a child. The security guard responds, “They have to. If you had been down here from the jump, you would have seen why. They are saving his life.” The bystander responds, “They aren’t saving his life dragging him to where nobody can see.”

In a age where young, Black boys and men are getting murdered and abused by police, was the bystanders concern justified? Were the police too dismissive? Do you think the police could have handled this in a better way?

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