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It takes a village to raise a child, as the adage goes. So, Bishop TD Jakes, producer of this faith-based conference, created a virtual village designed to raise a national community of faith-based children for God. is an interactive video channel that debuted during Jakes’ recent family-friendly (Megafest) conference in Dallas.

While Jakes has become adept at reaching beyond his Potter’s House (of Dallas) church to expand his ministry – his podcast, books and movies are a testament to that – this new video channel is his latest attempt to offer a service to millions more who have been financially unable to participate in his more expensive conferences.

According to Ben Tesfy, a member of marketing team for, this subscription-based service offers remote access to live events such as Project Gideon, The Pisgah Experience, Pastors & Leadership conference, Woman Thou Art Loosed, Men’s Leadership and other events.

Held periodically around the United States, Tesfy said travel fees alone keep some wanna-be attendees away. The average cost to attend MegaFest is $70. For a family of four that’s $300 plus the cost of hotels, food and transportation while at the conference. Jakes’ new channel could solve that problem.

The annual subscription to is $120, the cost of a morning latte minus the calories. In addition to the access to live events and masters classes with experts, members get advance notice of books, video training on issues such as raising good kids, life after divorce and entrepreneurship. The interactive site also allows subscribers to upload their own content with the ability to ask Jakes questions that he responds to. can be accessed via your smart device, on Apple TV and soon from Roku.


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