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Comedian, host and speaker KevOnStage is known for his funny videos on social media, but the other day had to fire back at a viewer.

KevOnStage posted a video about Black women and how they are God’s gift, but one viewer wanted to know what about women of other races.

The viewer said, “Can I ask you something? Why does everything need to be about race? I noticed you mentioned that “Black women are God’s gift?” What about my people? What about Asians? What about Hispanics? Are they not God’s gift as well? Don’t bring race into subject.”

Kev gave this viewer a read and a lesson like never before. In this video he explains exactly why, “Black women are God’s gift.”


He spoke about Henrietta Lacks and how her contribution to science helped women then and still does even after her passing.

The comedian also spoke on the fact that at any opportunity he has will show his love for Black women and hopes men of other races defend their women as well.

Kev had no problem at defending why Black women mean so much to him, but also mentioned that, “Not talking about race is not going to make race problems go away in America.”

Thank you KevOnStage for being defending Black women everywhere!

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