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Black  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who was roundly condemned by civil rights advocates for his support of Donald Trump and his Blue Lives Matter agenda, on Thursday resigned amid ongoing scrutiny of high-profile deaths in jails during his watch.  It is unclear what he plans to do next, though there are rumblings on social media that he plans to join the Trump administration.

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Clarke, 61, a swashbuckling cowboy hat-wearing Democrat whose views more closely line up with Republicans, was a polarizing figure on the national political stage. As a cable news commentator he frequently made controversial statements about the Black Lives Matter movement, and more.

Here are three things to know about the controversial ex-Milwaukee sheriff, who held the job since 2002:

Trump 2016 Election

Clarke was an early Trump supporter during the presidential election, delivering a fervent speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2016, where he infamously stated, “Blue Lives Matter in America.” Watch the video below:


“Black Lies Matter”

While discussing shootings at Emanuel A.M. E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina, with CNN anchor Don Lemon, he condemned the Black Lives Matter movement. “Just like when Dylan Roof went into a church and slaughtered nine churchgoers. Every White person in America [was indicted] by this Black Lies movement. Other people came out saying slavery and discrimination were alive and well in the United States.” Watch the video below:


4 People Died In His Jails In Six Months

The Washington Post reports at least four people died in the Milwaukee County jail from April 2015 to November 2016, including a newborn baby whose birth occurred unbeknownst to staff. In a separate incident, his workers were accused of refusing to give water for a week to an inmate, who later died.



He withdrew his name from consideration for an assistant secretary position in Homeland Security. Do you think he will join the Trump administration?

SOURCE: Washington Post


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