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Many adjustments are still being made in the Greenleaf family as secrets continue to unfold; doors of opportunity open, and new roles of authority in the church aren’t quite what they seem to be.

At the close of last week’s episode, Bishop Lionel Jeffries (Tim Reid) makes a strange phone call  to Bishop Greenleaf (Keith David). He needs to see him, in person, to discuss a pressing matter. That matter is the center of discussion at the opening Episode 14, with Bishop Greenleaf, Lionel and Lady Mae (Lynn Whitfield) all present.

Lionel apologetically begins to reveal the secret he has recently discovered about his son Aaron’s (William H. Bryant Jr.) sexuality – he’s gay. Upon hearing what he has to say, Lady Mae breathes a sigh of relief. She thought the big reveal might be disclosing their affair in the past. But Aaron’s sexuality isn’t all that Lionel has come to tell Bishop and Lady Mae.


Apparently during an unscheduled visit to Aaron’s home in Montgomery, AL he discovers him with a man. That man just so happened to be Kevin.Yep! That Kevin (Tye White) who has been missing for weeks now; who just up and left his infant son, and who’s been struggling with his own sexuality, was seen at Aaron’s home where Lionel says he was visiting for the weekend.

The information is a lot for everyone to process. In Lionel’s struggle to cope with his son being a gay man, he seeks the help and counsel of Bishop Greenleaf. Aaron agrees to counseling and is hopeful that Bishop can help his father see pass his sexuality and love him regardless.

They meet, read the Bible and quote scriptures to one another that backs up their own personal agendas. Bishop remains neutral in the situation, understanding why Lionel feels the way he does, and also agreeing with Aaron who affirms that God is Love – whether a person is gay or straight. Bishop Greenleaf believes that it’s not his decision to determine who’s right and who’s wrong.

One Greenleaf who is not so understanding and neutral in this situation is Charity (Deborah Joy Winans.) It doesn’t take long for the news of Kevin being with Aaron in Montgomery to get back to Charity – and she’s none too pleased. Aaron visits her in her office to apologize in person for the part he’s played in everything, and Charity is not trying to hear it.

She mentions how Aaron has been a trusted family friend who has not only worked as her lawyer during her divorce from Kevin but also lived in her family’s home during the process. She’s not open to any of his apologies and is even less forgiving or empathetic toward Kevin, who Aaron says has been suffering and feeling ashamed. Her only concern is her son whom he walked away from.

QUOTABLE: “You know if this whole thing were turned around, and I was a lesbian – I would still be a mother.” – Charity Greenleaf

Charity also receives some good news. She’s offered an opportunity of a lifetime to sing back up on the road for a woman whose voice has been touched by the heavens – Tamela Mann. She’ll be gone for ten weeks and wants to take the family housekeeper, Maricelle, on the road with her to care for ther baby. She doesn’t feel comfortable leaving him with anyone else. Meanwhile, Lady Mae’s temper is flaring, too. The counseling sessions between Lionel, Aaron and Bishop have aired out some of Lionel’s dirty laundry.


During one of the sessions Aaron says his mother always knew he was gay because he told her when he was 13. She asked that he never tell his father because he wouldn’t be able to handle it. However his father had his own issues including infidelity with multiple women.


Lady Mae is livid when she finds out that she wasn’t the only “other woman” in Lionel’s life, or possibly even his bed. She’s clearly hurt by the information and confronts Lionel about it. He admits that there were a few other women and she goes off.

QUOTABLE: “You are nothing. Absolutely nothing. You don’t exist enough to be considered. You are just a space where a person should’ve been. You’re nothing” – Lady Mae

Meanwhile, Jacob (Lamman Rucker) is becoming more and more acclimated to his new role as pastor of Triumph. He wants to bring in some of the parishioners from his real church to join as new members, but some of the church staff have reservations due to the cost and church’s lack of money.

Kerissa’s (Kim Hawthorne) looks more than happy in her new role and title as First Lady but a problem still remains – Tasha Skanks (Asia’h Epperson.) For the moment, and with the switch in pastors being so recent, Tasha still commands respect. When someone calls ask for the “first lady”- both Kerissa and Tasha answer. Tasha’s office location is also an issue for Kerissa. She’s right next to Jacob’s new office, so Tasha has to go.

Kerissa invites her over to their home for dinner but it doesn’t go over too well. Tasha is still missing Basie Skanks (Jason Dirden) and becomes a little emotional, expressing her concern for his safety and whereabouts. She’s comforted by Jacob which only adds to Kerissa’s growing frustration.

Grace (Merle Dandridge) and Darius (Rick Fox) continue to strengthen their relationship  but there’s a catch – Gigi may be having baby fever. Being around Charity’s little one is affecting her, and since Darius has no kids she wants to know where he stands. She asks him about it more than once. Darius explains that he only wants her and the life they have now without babies. He enjoys his freedom. Gigi  seems to be content with that – for now.

Meanwhile, the daughter Gigi already has – Sophia, (Desiree Ross), and her cousin Zora (Lovie Simone) are rehearsing for the upcoming cotillion. Sophia and the rest of the young ladies are all present and paired up with their dates.  Zora’s there alone without a date.

But her trap gospel gangsta boo boyfriend – Isaiah (Roshon Fegan) decides to show up for her after all though he’s late. Then he makes a scene at the rehearsal by taking selfies with a group of girls who are obviously fans and then disrupts the rehearsal by incorporating his own “freestyle” dance moves.

When Sophia calls him out on his behavior he gets angry and storms out of the room. Zora follows him out the door and he accuses her of always taking Sophia’s side over his. In the midst of their argument, Zora reaches out to embrace him but gets pushed into a pole and hurts her arm.


Isaiah apologizes and tells her it will never happen again. He explains that he didn’t mean to hurt her and the only reason he’s lashing out and is so angry, is because he feels that he may lose her. These words, coupled with an “I love you” and a “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me” gets him off the hook – again.

Let’s see where we go from her next week.

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