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Things have been pretty rough for talk show host Wendy Williams as of late. In late October she had a fainting spell on live TV, earlier this month photos of her husband with his alleged mistress surfaced and now it’s being reported that she is suffering from both anxiety and insomnia.

Wendy Williams Rings The NASDAQ Opening Bell - August 25, 2010

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Despite making a living gossiping on the lives of celebrities, Wendy Williams is in the middle of her own messiness these days. There have been conflicting reports of what exactly caused her to pass out on live TV and she has yet to address the latest photos of her husband and his alleged girlfriend seen around town together. Things keep getting worse because now Hollywood Life is reporting that Williams is battling issues with anxiety and insomnia.

Via Hollywood Life:

“Wendy Williams has been under so much stress recently, and it’s really taking a toll on her health. She’s had really bad problems sleeping, she’s pretty much totally lost her appetite, and she’s battling anxiety. Wendy could really do with a break, but she refuses to take any time off from filming [her talk show].

It’s like Wendy is just brushing everything under the table and pretending that nothing’s wrong,” a source close to Wendy, 53, tells

Wendy Williams is barely eating or sleeping due to all the stress she’s been under recently. Her husband’s cheating scandal and her recent fainting spell have taken a HUGE toll on her health!

Reportedly the cause of all of Williams’ recent drama stems from her husband’s cheating scandal, which she dismissed earlier this year only to have new photographs of him with his mistress recently surface. The source goes on to state that “Wendy’s just burying her head in the sand, and acting like everything is just great, while all the time she’s being eaten up inside.”


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