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The folks behind Marvel’s Black Panther continue to keep Black Twitter acting up!

This time, folks lost their collective minds when a new round of character movie posters dropped for the anticipated film.

Take a look at Ryan Coogler’ masterpiece:

And clearly folks on social media were losing their minds:

In addition to these posters, actor Chadwick Boseman opened about why he chose his specific accent for his character. Apparently, T’Challa speaks like a Wakandan, because Wakanda evolved and thrived without white folks coming in and colonizing his fictional African country.

“People think about how race has affected the world. It’s not just in the States. Colonialism is the cousin of slavery. Colonialism in Africa would have it that, in order to be a ruler, his education comes from Europe. I wanted to be completely sure that we didn’t convey that idea because that would be counter to everything that Wakanda is about. It’s supposed to be the most technologically advanced nation on the planet. If it’s supposed to not have been conquered — which means that advancement has happened without colonialism tainting it, poisoning the well of it, without stopping it or disrupting it — then there’s no way he would speak with a European accent,” Boseman told CNET.

He added, “He added, “If I did that, I would be conveying a white supremacist idea of what being educated is and what being royal or presidential is. Because it’s not just about him running around fighting. He’s the ruler of a nation. And if he’s the ruler of a nation, he has to speak to his people. He has to galvanize his people. And there’s no way I could speak to my people, who have never been conquered by Europeans, with a European voice.”

We are clear: The world better not end before this film hits theaters next February.


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