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Once again, Paris Dennard tried it with his defending Trump routine. White House correspondent April Ryan couldn’t take Dennard’s sunken place comments Thursday night on CNN over Trump’s latest racist rant about not wanting people coming from “shithole countries” like Haiti and African nations.

Ryan, appearing on part of a panel discussing Trump’s comment, presented facts about Black immigrants as one of the most educated immigrant groups. She then expressed feelings similar to many Black folks about Trump’s hateful remark.

“Unfortunately, we have people on the panel speaking ill-informed about things, about a group he seems not to understand. There are a large portion of people who hail from descendants from these countries,” Ryan continued. “I’m five generations removed from the last known slave in my family. You know, African-Americans or Africans enslaved in America helped build a portion of this country. It’s a slap in the face. That’s why you are hearing from the head of the Black caucus, Elijah Cummings. Mia Love from Haiti. This is a very, very serious statement from the president of the United States of America.”

Dennard put his usual Trump-loving cape on, seemingly making up facts. But just how did chaos break out during the panel?

Well, conservative Rich Lowry of the National Review started talking about Mexicans not having college degrees. Ryan corrected him and said that she was referring to Blacks having degrees. When CNN host Erin Burnett, who was moderating the panel, chimed in to back Ryan’s comments, Dennard had something to say.

“He [the president] did not say Black, so fix that comment,” Dennard said to Burnett. “That’s wrong.” Burnett promptly corrected Dennard and said the president was indeed referring to Black and Hispanic countries with his ill-toned comment. She also said she had mentioned “Black” in reference to Ryan talking about Black education.

Burnett then mentioned that a New York Times report about Trump having said that “Nigerians would never go back to their huts in Africa.” Trump denied that statement, but two sources in the oval office with the president during the comments maintain that he said it. Burnett then asked Dennard if he was sure the president would want more Nigerians in the U.S.

Dennard tried to turn the tables on Ryan, claiming she presented facts about “all African countries” that were not addressed by Trump. “The president allegedly responded to [people] asking about certain African countries,” he said.

Ryan clapped back about why Dennard couldn’t present facts as a professional for an “institution of higher learning.” She then said that Dennard hadn’t said anything of substance and also gave a “boy, bye” snub to him.


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