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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Four

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How to Get Away With Murder begins with Jorge Castillo (Laurel’s dad) making his big company announcement. Basically, after all that Laurel tried to get done, her dad still one and now they’re in another world of trouble because Jorge is not going to let this go.


Denver confronts Bonnie about why she has been protecting Annalise. Bonnie says she was protecting the students, not Annalise. She reveals that she got Asher free because she was afraid that he would snitch on Denver (who works for Jorge) for framing Annalise for killing Wes. But really, she’s back on the Annalise crack—word to Nate, who so eloquently stated this fact.


Laurel’s custody hearing is coming up and Annalise needs to get her out of the hospital and a clear psych evaluation. Annalise and Frank are working hard to make sure they get Laurel’s son back, but they don’t mention Wes’ voicemail just yet even though Frank wants to. Speaking of voicemail and phones, Frank still has Dominic’s phone. Not only is it surprising that no one on Jorge’s side has used a tracking app, but wtf Frank! This is evidence of murder! Annalise tells him to get rid of the phone for that reason, and also because someone keeps calling, but he doesn’t.

Hold that thought.

A couple of things to note, the hard drive still seems to be missing. Annalise tries to get it from Nate, who says he doesn’t have it, but you get the feeling that he knows where it is and he’s just being difficult because he doesn’t like Annalise. And Simon is still in a coma.

We find out that Frank kept the phone because he downloaded an app that tells you where the phone call is coming from. He reveals to Annalise that the call that keeps coming in is from the Philly DA’s office.


Next Annalise and Bonnie have a moment where they apologize to each other and have a deep discussion about their pain and the motivation for the things they do. Annalise reveals that she keeps helping these crappy students of hers and risking ruining her own life as a result because she needs to not feel so empty. A lot of terrible things have happened to her in her life (she was molested, lost her baby, her students killed her husband, etc) and she is struggling to keep it together. Helping other people, even at her own expense, is what she needs to do. But we knew that though.

Now we’re in the hospital with Laurel and Michaela, who has been keeping her company. Laurel reveals that Frank is the reason she went into early labor (he accidentally elbowed her in the belly when he was hemming up Connor). Laurel implores Michaela not to tell Frank because she says it will kill him.

Later on, Michaela reveals this to Frank by accident.


She blurted it out to Annalise in the heat of the moment. Basically, Annalise and Frank were discussing how to get Laurel’s psych evaluation to show that she didn’t hurt herself or cause her miscarriage. Michaela revealed that she knew for a fact that Laurel didn’t cause her miscarriage and of course Annalise wanted to know how she knew this and then…word vomit.

Next Bonnie then tells Denver that she found evidence on the hard drive tying him to all of his crimes and she destroyed it. He wants to know why she did this for him and she tells him it’s because she wants to keep her job there, but the gag is, she secretly recorded this entire exchange. Bonnie is a double agent. Hopefully, she’s on Annalise’s side for real, for real. We’ve seen how shady she can be so you never know.


Michaela feels guilty about all that went down at the law firm because she could have cost Tegan her job. She confronts Tegan and asks her why she has been protecting her. Tegan basically tells her she has got to be the dumbest woman alive. What she and her friends have done have put everyone in danger and that she’s not just protecting them, she’s also protecting herself. She also mentions the fact that Michaela pulled up on her in public to talk about this makes it even worse. You know how Jorge rolls. He could have spies watching them. To that point, Tegan tells Michaela never to text, call or ambush her again.

At this point, the only person Michaela could ever work for in life is Annalise. She better get used to it.

Laurel has been deemed psychologically fit enough to be released (thanks to Isaac). Laurel, Annalise and Frank end up back to Annalise’s apartment. Then Dominic’s phone starts ringing again. Laurel wants to know why he still has the phone. He hands her the phone and then plays Wes’ voicemail on speaker. And then the phone starts ringing again. Annalise and Frank are afraid that it’s Jorge or the DA’s office, but Laurel says it’s actually her mom and she answers it.

The plot thickens. Because up until now, we haven’t heard much about Laurel’s mother. But there was an earlier insinuation that Laurel’s mom dealt with domestic abuse with Jorge. Not surprising. Perhaps she will be an ally who can at least help Laurel get her son back.


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