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Praise King Trump

Just call him Kim Jong Trump! In a move that sounds like it came straight from North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Trump is reportedly ordering for the Pentagon to throw him a grand military parade. The Hill reports, “The Pentagon has reportedly begun planning a military parade at the request of President Trump.” Allegedly, he demanded a parade “like the one in France.”

The parade is just in the “brainstorming” stages but officials are hoping they can tie it to Veteran’s Day so they can sell the lie that it isn’t about Trump — when of course it will be. As you can imagine, this will be an extravagant affair. Here is a clip from the French Bastille Day parade:

Who will pay for it? “They do not yet know how they will cover the cost of the parade, which could reach millions of dollars.” Translation: the American people will have to pay for Trump’s huge ego.

Trump’s Hate

Even though there is a rise n white supremacy hate crimes and a decline in Islamic Extremism, Trump and his band of racists want to put all their energy into Islam. So much so that Reuters claims he wants to change the name of the program “Countering Violent Extremism” (CVE) to “Countering Radical Islamic Extremism.” Reuters also reports, he “would no longer target groups such as white supremacists who have also carried out bombings and shootings in the United States.”

The CVE targets all extremist groups that make Americans less safe. For Trump to dismiss domestic terrorists like the shooter in Las Vegas in October (yep, he was a terrorist) or Timothy McVeigh, who killed 168 people during the Oklahoma City bombing in YEAR TK, is absolutely terrifying. Yes, Islamic extremists should be targeted, but terrorism is not a monolith.

West Indian Businesses Targeted

According to an exclusive report from the New York Daily News, police in Brooklyn are unfairly targeting Caribbean-owned businesses, “A group of club and restaurant owners who cater to Brooklyn’s Caribbean community say police from the 67th Precinct are harassing and taking cheap shots at them with bogus booze violations.” The site continues, “Last week, former City Councilman Kendall Stewart and his son, Omar, filed separate lawsuits against the city and the NYPD, accusing cops of continually trying to shut down the ex-pol’s lounge, Cafe Omar. The Stewarts and other nightlife operators in Flatbush and East Flatbush have accused officers of purposely spoiling events, including ones tied to the annual New York Caribbean Carnival Parade.” Stewart claims in 2017 officers seized $5,000 worth of booze from Cafe Omar. The cops reportedly said they didn’t have a liquor license — even though he showed them the proper documentation.

The NYPD claims in 2017 there were “nearly a dozen 911 calls” for assaults or shootings. NYPD spokesman Lt. John Grimpel said in a statement, “The NYPD responds to locations based on community complaints, including crime complaints and 311 and 911 calls. As you can see by the history of this establishment, it’s a problematic location.”

However, Omar Stewart claims they are specifically being targeted. In January 2017, he says he was wrongfully jailed for two days for “illegal possession of alcohol and a failure to display a state-issued liquor license.” Other businesses in the area claim they have been treated unfairly as well.

We’ll keep you posted as more info surfaces.

SOURCE: ReutersThe Hill, New York Daily News


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