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AWhite woman who went to see Black Panther killed the vibe at a New Jersey theater on Sunday night. She yelled the N-word out loud and pushed audience members into a shouting match. Yes, the audience was not having it.

The incident took place at the New Vision Sparta Theater in Sparta, New Jersey, which is a predominantly White township in Sussex County. It brought the screening to a stop, reported.

Come on, folks paid good money to see this film celebrating Black magic! There is no place for hate!

It seems that that the unidentified woman was “extremely intoxicated” and was “not yelling at anyone in particular,” Sparta Police Lt. John Lamon said Tuesday.

“She was making loud comments at the screen that upset other patrons,” Lamon said, including using the “n-word.”

Only one person could point out the woman to police. But were charges filed against her? Reportedly, no.

The person who identified the intoxicated woman declined to sign a complaint. Folks viewing the film were then kicked out and given vouchers to return at a later time to see the movie, Lamon said.

And as you may have guessed, the woman who went into hate mode at the cinematic celebration of Afrofuturism was told to exit stage left. She was banned from the theater.

“We gave them advice to send her a certified letter not to trespass and to give us a copy,” Lamon said about the woman.

We are happy to report that the negative incident has not stopped the Black Panther magic!

“Black Panther” broke box office records when it opened this weekend with approximately $235 million in ticket sales, The Associated Press reported.  Folks will continue to celebrate the all-African-American cast and director Ryan Coogler for its unapologetically Black portrayal of superheroes and warriors.


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