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United and Delta don’t have the best reputation, from pulling people off flights and racial profiling. Also, we still haven’t forgotten how Delta treated a Black woman doctor. Now, we just found out that Delta and United actually support the NRA.

According to the NRA’s web site, which we refuse to link to, the airlines give discounts to NRA members to fly to their annual convention, which will be this May in Dallas. The NRA site’s reads, Contracted special flight discounts with United Airlines and Delta Airlines, specifically for members attending the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits.” Looks like we all need to suck it up and deal with Spirit’s bad customer service but cheaper rates.

Over 80,000 people  are expected to attend the convention, which means these two airlines will profit enormously from the NRA’s vile policies. It has been a media disaster for the two airlines with calls for boycotts and protests. Moving quickly, United and Delta released statements. They (now) want nothing to do with the NRA.

While it’s a nice gesture, is it too little too late? How about Delta and United offer discounts to all of the survivors from the mass shootings in Orlando, Parkland, Vegas, Aurora, Sandy Hook and anywhere else where an AR-15 was used, which the NRA advocates for? Just saying.

SOURCE:  Reuters

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