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Boxing promoter and self-proclaimed “Republi-crat” Don King is no stranger to controversy.

King found himself in the middle of a political slugfest at the start of this year’s Republican National Convention after being banned from speaking at the event. According to a New York Times report, GOP officials nixed the idea of King speaking at the RNC because, “He once stomped a man to death and was convicted of manslaughter. The party could not associate itself with someone convicted of a felony.”

On Monday, EZ Street from WKYS in Washington, D.C. caught up with the notorious boxing promoter outside of the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland and asked him about being knocked off the RNC speakers list.

King blamed RNC Chair Reince Priebus for snubbing him and said the leader of the Republican National Committee “is still thinking he don’t like Black people, so he don’t think that I should get a chance to speak.”

King, who said he is “working for the spirit of the will of the people,” doesn’t care what Priebus thinks and stepped up his rebuke of the RNC Chair, calling him stupid and antiquated.

It would appear as though King isn’t making a huge fuss over being bumped from the speakers list because he does not want this situation to impact Donald Trump in a negative way.

King, who coined the phrase “only in America,” made mention of the Republican Party also trying to undermine Trump. He told EZ Street, “You ain’t never seen a candidacy like this, and so you find that the people are speaking out – they want their voice to be heard, they want their actions to be implemented and we’re not getting that because the system denies the women the right to vote and denies people of color of having a right to vote to have their God given unalienable rights.”

Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, also spoke with King in the media center at the RNC about why he is supporting Trump.

King told Martin he is supporting Trump because the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee said the magic words that should resonate in “all the White women and all the people of color:”

“We will create a whole new system, we will tear this system apart. America first – I want to make America great again.” 

According to King, “The system is corrupt. Everybody agrees with that.” He later added, “It’s sexist and don’t give women their rights.” As he continued his critique of “the system,” King, who sounded like a proponent of equal pay legislation said, “White women [are] still begging trying to get equal pay for their equal work.”

Watch boxing promoter Don King explain why he was barred from speaking at the Republican National Convention above and share why he is supporting Donald Trump in the NewsOne Now video below.


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