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Pure chaos erupted during the first day of the Republican National Convention after a voice vote shut down anti-Trump delegates. The failed vote was an attempt to change convention rules that bind Trump’s delegates to support him at the convention.

On Monday, Roland Martin spoke with Virginia Delegate Ken Cuccinelli about the vote and the Never Trump movement on the floor of the Republican National Convention.

Cuccinelli told Martin, “When the party of the rule of law doesn’t obey its own rules, idealists like me get pretty mad.”

He added the events that transpired yesterday are just another example of the GOP establishment “steamrolling” grassroots Republicans. Cuccinelli called their actions “disgusting.”

The Virginia delegate later asked what it’s going to take for the Republicans to learn “this doesn’t help” their party.

Cuccinelli also told NewsOne Now his delegation is not a part of the “Never Trump” nor the “Never Hillary” movements.

“This is about grassroots rules that start to get power out to the grassroots and stop giving it – more and more of it – to the establishment and the RNC,” Cuccinelli said. According to the highly annoyed delegate, yesterday’s vote accomplished the exact opposite of what his delegation was looking for.

Watch Roland Martin, Ken Cuccinelli, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the chaos on the Republican National Convention floor in the video clip above.


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