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White tears are pouring for a Washington Post columnist named Richard Cohen who babbled in a handful paragraphs about his imaginary struggles being a white man in America. The writer, who was once accused of sexual harassment, and defended George Zimmerman murdering Trayvon Martin, claims that he believes in betterment treat for people of color in the workplace but he is tired of discussion on diversity  and privilege.

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Cohen is stressing that companies focusing on diversity will simply hire someone just because they are a “minority” to maintain a quota. He wrote, “I’m on your side. But when I see op-eds, such as the one recently in the New York Times that states in the headline that the Metropolitan Museum of Art should not have appointed ‘yet another white, male director,’ I recoil. That’s just another way of saying that white and male is a disqualification. Diversity in the workplace is an overdue goal, but it can amount to a quota by another name. Choose a woman because she’s a woman and you’ve eliminated a man because he’s a man.”

No, Mr. Cohen — the only side you are on is your own. He has no idea that to most companies owned by rich white folks “diversity” is one brown face for every 50 white people. So it’s less diversity and more of being a token — a token who is paid less and will never receive a promotion.

He also wrote, “Once I was passed over for a newsroom position I very much wanted. ‘We needed a woman,; an editor told me. I said nothing, although I seethed. In short order, I was made a columnist, so I didn’t even get a chance to cry. But the instant rush of utter unfairness lingers. The woman chosen was qualified, but her qualification had nothing to do with her sex. I was told she was just a needed statistic.” Important note: Richard Cohen has been writer for the Washington Post since 1968. Doesn’t sound like his career was even slightly harmed. 

As you can imagine, Twitter has destroyed him. See the greatest hits below:

Richard Cohen is clearly soaked in pure idiocy. Why is The Washington Post still publishing this vile man? 


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