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People tend to think the younger generation is more progressive when it comes to social issues. However, a new poll bucks that idea, at least when it comes to the Black community. Fractl conducted a poll with more  than 1,200 Americans about a range of hot-button topics, including police brutality and mass incarceration. Some of the findings are truly disturbing.

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The poll showed nearly 30% of respondents say African American men are not imprisoned more than their Caucasian counterparts for the same crime, which is clearly not true. The NAACP reported Black men and women are jailed longer and more than whites. In addition, 13% of people are unsure in Black people are treated differently than white people — 8% can’t say definitively whether Black lives matter as much as white lives.

Perhaps the most shocking discovery is 1 in 4 millennials disagree that Black people in America are targeted and killed more by police than other races. There are countless studies to prove this wrong and just turning on your television, it’s easy to see there is  a racial disparity in how police  use force.

The bubble of white privilege can be a sickness, especially when no one is operating from facts. That said, this is one of the many reasons why it’s more important that ever to register to vote and to kick people out of office  with warped ideologies who create corrupt policies. It’s also important to stand up to racism whether it’s on the streets of Sacramento or a Starbucks in Philadelphia. While some millenials might be lost in the world, people of color are aware of their worth as a voter and consumer. Stay woke!


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