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The mega-successful Black Panther has undoubtedly broken new ground. Aside from making $1.315 billion in box office sales worldwide, the film has heavily influenced Black filmmaking, Marvel’s movie-making methods and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Yes, folks want Wakanda forever. In keeping with that spirit, Marvel has a connection to the fictional African nation in its next MCU film, Avengers: Infinity War, set to hit theaters on Friday.

Here is the tea on how Black Panther will crossover with Avengers:

The Next Avengers Film Will Bring Wakanda To Life Again

Marvel’s upcoming movie will show more of the fictional African nation, Screen Rant reported. Avengers: Infinity War‘s whole third act is set in Wakanda, with the Marvel marketing team promoting those parts to fans. Several sneak peek snippets have showed that Chadwick Boseman‘s Black Panther/T’Challa will be up front and center. Danai Gurira‘s fearless Okoye, leader of the Wakanda all-female guard the Dora Milaje, will also get screen time.

The Upcoming Film Won’t Be A Black Panther Sequel

Black Panther will be getting a sequel, with director Ryan Coogler possibly returning to the fold. Boseman told fans that the next Avengers will be bigger than just a follow-up to his successful solo film. “Avengers: Infinity War is Avengers: Infinity War,” Boseman said during a recent press conference. “It’s not Black Panther 1.5 or Black Panther 2. I feel like we have a strong presence in the movie… But it’s its own thing.”

The Forthcoming Film Will Likely Touch On Thanos’ Attack Of Wakanda

Marvel comics have told of the invasion of Thanos, the purple-skinned, otherworldly and super-strong Avengers villain consumed with death. Thanos will fight the Avengers in Wakanda in the forthcoming big screen flick, and the devastating effects of the invasion on T’Challa’s land will likely be explored in a BP sequel, according to Screen Rant.


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