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This weekend, instead of his doing job and creating fair housing for all Americans, Ben Carson decided to tour two West Virginia drug rehabilitation facilities that are grappling with the opioid crisis.

According to, the Detroit native said, “Our citizens are our most precious resource. We have to treat them like that. We have to do everything we can to bring them to their maximum potential, because we only have 330 million people in this country. We have to compete with countries like China and India with four times that many people.” Carson believes American citizens are “our most precious resource” as he actively tries to destroy the lives of poor people by raising rent in low-income communities and demanding work requirements, which have proven will only increase poverty.

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Carson’s insincerity continued, with him saying, “If we don’t develop all of our people, we will not be able to be successful going into the future … As far as I’m concerned, none of this has anything to do with Republicans or Democrats. It has to do with Americans and strengthening our nation.”

Carson has shown he doesn’t care about developing people — well, at least poor people.  But maybe Carson has more compassion for people on opioids than in poverty. He  has managed to visit two drug rehabs center in West Virginia, but has never met with New York City Housing Authority. But Carson says people are  “too comfortable” in poverty and actually said programs like AFFF (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing), which prevent racial segregation in housing, is “mandated social-engineering scheme” and “failed socialism.” Fast-forward to a couple years later, he is the secretary of HUD.

Every day Carson serves in the position of secretary of HUD shows he doesn’t see certain citizens as “our most precious resource.” He wants to dismantle every social program, like the Obama-era Small Area Fair Market Rent rule, which would allow people in low-income communities access to better jobs and education. He doesn’t believe the word “discrimination” should be in HUD’s mission statement, which is exactly why HUD began in 1968.

Carson should worry less about the racially coded opioid epidemic (maybe he can do some research on how Black communities that suffered with crack-cocaine never got the same compassion) and more about poverty. Isn’t that what taxpayers are paying him for—or is it for a $31,000 office dining room set?


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