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Tonight’s episode of Love Is finds Nuri and Yasir having officially exchanged “I love you’s.” They’re moving fast, but like all 90s R&B love stories, when you know you know, even when things get complicated. The Wynton Marsalis concert is in two days, but both parties are facing challenges.

Yasir’s ex kicked him out and he can’t stay at his boy’s house because his boy is sleeping on his own dang couch. So, he lingers at Ruby’s crib while she’s gone so he can cupcake with Nuri on the phone. He and Nuri chat as if they’ve got nothing else to do (maybe he doesn’t, but Nuri sure has a job). This is truly a love jones, pun intended.


Reality sets in for Yasir when Ruby returns home. She invites him to dinner with a colleague of hers who might have a work opportunity for him, but dinner is on the same night of the concert. He figures out a compromise. He’ll go to dinner but use the fact that he’s fasting for Ramadan as an excuse to cut out early. Then Yasir watches Ruby pick out her outfits for dinner and he’s definitely admiring her. Ruby feels it too and pushes up, but Yasir denies her advances because, again, it’s Ramadan but also because he realizes that going backward wouldn’t be productive. It’s really time to go since he’s in love with Nuri. Ruby gets salty and revokes his dinner invitation.


Nuri is doing really well at work. The actor who plays Marvin singles her out at a celebratory dinner to let her know that he thinks her writing is hilarious. But the problem with doing well at work is that you have to do a lot more work so you don’t lose your spot. All pressure. This means that Nuri could miss the concert because the writers are expected to be present for the next live taping of Marvin, which is, you guessed it, on the same night as the concert. On top of all of this, Nuri and Yasir haven’t been able to reach each other because his pager is cut off. However, both remain hopeful that they will see each other again. Yasir sums his hope up perfectly when he states that the concert is an oasis in the desert—his reprieve from his frustrating life—and if he can get there then she’ll be there. Nuri still has the ticket, but she loves work at the same time, and we all know how competitive the industry is.

The suspense builds about whether she’s going to show up or not but we all know she does. Their union is kismet. Nuri sneaks away from the live taping, with her girl covering for her, and on the way out she runs into the assistant who is still in love with her. He knows exactly where she’s going because he kept all of Yasir’s messages from her. Then he lectures her about breaking his heart and threatens to blow up her spot, but Nuri is about that (love) life and informs him that he has no control over her destiny and that fell in love. In true poetic fashion, she makes it to the concert just as Yasir is about to give up hope.

But they’re still getting to know each other so we’ll continue to watch their story unfold.


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