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Erica Campbell spoke to several first ladies about the Ministry Mates conference happening in Dallas. She talked with Dr. Tara Jenkins, Dr. Stephanie Carter and Robin May. Each of them talked about the conference and how they do it so people can learn, be encouraged, discuss relationships and make life long friends.

Erica spoke about being a first lady and shared that God overtime prepares you, but no one tells you real stories of what it’s like. She shared a story about a time on a Sunday, where she got up, got the kids ready, made breakfast and went to get herself dressed and Warryn Campbell said, “Hurry up.” At that moment Erica went in and told him that he could help with multiple things and saw the change in Warryn’s spirit.

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When they got in the car the holy spirit moved her to apologize and mentioned that she cheered him on as he gave the word to the congregation. The enemy has a way of trying to hurt you and he tried to do that to Warryn and Erica before the sermon. Some of the ladies also shared how the enemy comes on Saturday night and Sunday to try and take your happiness, especially between the pastor and first lady.

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