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Black people have been subjected to many racist rants from everyday people, politicians and other public figures in recent months, as more watchdog groups focus on calling out hate.

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A Verizon customer went on an unprovoked racist tirade at a store location in San Francisco this week. The man, who was not identified by name and is white, was heard screaming slurs at a Black employee after he couldn’t purchase a phone with his family plan, NBC affliate KNTV reported.

“You won’t take my money!” said the man, who the employee was filming outside the store, said. “N—-, you hear me?”

“I’m a n—–?” the employee replied. “He called me a n—–!”

The man also said the employee was “disrespecting the entire black race,” the video revealed. It’s unclear if he will face any real consequences for his hateful speech.

Another man was also caught in an angry tirade against African Americans. Michael Selyem, a Trump-supporting prosecutor in San Bernandino County in California, has been suspended and is under investigation after he referred to Congresswoman Maxine Waters in a rant on Facebook and Instagram, County District Attorney Mike Ramos said Monday.

“Being a loud-mouthed (expletive) in the ghetto you would think someone would have shot this b—- by now,” said Selyem, who has also made derogatory statements about Michelle Obama and Mexican immigrants.

Aaron Schlossberg, a New York City lawyer, was previously caught on tape in a xenophobic rant against Spanish-speaking immigrants in May. Roseanne Barr also went on a Twitter diatribe about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett, calling her an “ape” in May and leading to her show getting canceled by ABC.

These incidents have gotten the attention of racism watchdog and activist groups including Project Islamic Hope. Activists don’t want these rants to become the new normal of attacks against people of color.


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